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o.k....My other post at D E C O R A was rejected so I'll try here.

Hello there. I don't even think I posten here but i finally cam eout
the shell to do so. I'm a new decora fan that's been lurking around to
see what is deccora and I think I get the idea. It's very hard for me
cause I have a lot of dark and plain clothes. So, it's kinda hard going
colorful to rainbow.

My name is Imary ( pronouned E-mer-y) and I've been a japanese fashion fan
for quite a while. I'm 14 years old and I'm the only person that knows
what decora is at my whole school. ( I think so..Seems that way.) Well,
I'l stop rambling and I'll show you my first attempt of decora..I'm
still colecting clothes,socks and clips.

By the way advice could help.

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