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Swimmer headphones, anyone?

I'm talking about JStuffSale on ebay. ^^ She's great! Her name is Yumi and she lives in Tokyo and speaks completely fluent English (unlike some sellers! You all know who I'm talking about...she also will respond in 12 hours at the latest. No waits. Ships in less than a day!). Another perk is that she ships to France and Italy, along with the rest of the world. Shipping prices are great, too.

But I say this because she kind of does a shopping service, but won't charge you for it. She heads out a few times a week and shops - if you would like anything from those shops she will get them for you. She specializes in cute things (along with bento, office supplies, and room accessories). She sells Swimmer headphones for a great price (25.99 USD), along with other Swimmer, Cram Cream, and Decole products.

Her store link! She does combined shipping for all her products and she has a sale going on until October 31st. :) She can also get any Nightmare Before Christmas bentos if you like those. People have been wondering where to get them, so I thought I'd mention it.

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