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me + bored+ cell phone + wonder what I'll wear tuesday


my hair

my outfit:

lower half

. black flats
. gray socks with different shades of pink hearts on the sides
. while lace leggins
. plain black leggins
. plaid white, black, gray, and pink skirt
. black and white stripped dress.

upper half:

. white long sleeve shirt with flower print, kinda see thew
. light pink shirt
. black vest with goldish in the fabric with gold buttons
. pengun button
. hello kitty key chain hooked to a saftey pin
. piano heart pin
. hot pink bandania
. hot pink and black leapered print bandania

♥ kei
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aww haha I love your cute little hair with pigtails :P
and you dress awesome too
Yew look so cute!
I like your glasses. :O